FUCK MOZ gets a mention in SF Weekly's BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO Awards...

Best Singer With a Disappearing Act - 2013: Morrissey

It would have been funny twice, mildly annoying three times, and a serious bummer the fourth. But when Morrissey canceled his fifth and six Bay Area shows in a row this spring, he made the leap from pop star prima donna to somewhat talented asshole. Supposedly touring the U.S. this year, the vegan Brit managed to bring the songs of his deep, beloved catalog to the live stage in L.A and Denver, but not Oakland or S.F. Often, his cancellations came only a handful of hours before showtime, adding to his fans' heartbreak (and his promoters' frustration). To make matters worse, the former Smiths singer had a nasty habit of cancellations in this market even before the current string. So, until proven otherwise, we are forced to believe one of two things: That the pompous, pompadoured Morrissey doesn't actually exist, and the rest of the world is just playing an elaborate, cruel joke on his Bay Area fans; or that he's a deluded jerk who doesn't realize how thoroughly he's broken people's hearts. Either way, we're on board with the sentiment of a sticker released this spring by local graphics house SubliminalSF, which reads, simply, "Fuck Moz."


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